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France - land of sunshine, wonderful food, excellent wines -- the vineyards, the markets, the colours, and the smells of wild herbs and lavender --- take me there quickly!!


A trip of a lifetime? Well - you need something VERY SPECIAL!


Planning a trip ? Too busy to plan yourself? Not sure where to go? Do something different?


Foodies wanting a gourmet tour or cookery classes?


Find out what the Sabrage is and learn how to do it!


A hill-walking tour in Savoy with our wine specialist and award-winning guide?


Our wine specialist and hill-walking guide, in Savoy near Chambery will take our clients round the vineyards meeting the owners and doing tastings. Picnic in a vineyard? Like the idea? Yes!!


Want to visit some wonderful gardens and chateaux? Well, we can help as we know where the best ones are!


We have such a variety of excellent French contacts who can give our clients an experience of a lifetime, so why not contact us for help? We go over often to meet up with them and have great personal contact, so we know what they do and what they can offer!


What about doing a cookery course (long or short - depending on your time available) at the Paul Bocuse Institute and Cookery School in Lyon? Idea?

Stay in a beautiful French chateau in the Loire Valley with a French Count and Countess? Champagne on the terrasse? Tour the other local chateaux and gardens and visit some Medieval towns.


Maybe join them for dinner or plan your wedding at this chateau? Honeymoon in France afterwards? France Made EASY can arrange all this for you so just contact us to help for next year.


Business trip or conference to France? Why not stay a bit longer?


Imagine the aroma of� freshly baked croissants and wonderful French coffee --- can't you just smell them ---?


All our holiday vacations are customised to suit YOU, and YOUR TIME AND INTERESTS!! In other words quality experiences with professionals!!


Stay in a luxury hotel or perhaps also stay in little local hotels to get that "home from home" feel? Maybe combine the two and stay in both to get some wonderful experiences!


Find the tallest chateau in the Loire valley? Visit some Troglodyte cave dwellings, have lunch in a cave ?


Stay in a lovely little hotel in the medieval part of a city in Brittany? Tour the beautiful south coast and walk along the sandy beaches -- maybe find some shellfish in rock pools?


Cruise round some of the tiny islands and find standing stones ---


Follow some of the artists trails - Monet, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Picasso --- we can help you!�


A nice chilled glass of Cotes de Provence as you sit under the olive trees in the sunshine in sun filled Provence?


A nice bowl of chilled cider with freshly made crepes in Brittany as you sit by the harbour watching the little yachts sail in and out?


Watch oysters, mussels and other seafoods being landed on the quayside? Maybe taste some freshly caught scallops in the many little seafood restaurants - idea?


Brittany and Normandy both have� wonderful seafood! What about a visit to the� stunning and Medieval Mont St Michel?

Visit an interesting colourful street market filled with smells of rosemary or lavender in Provence? Take in the atmosphere!!�


Why not come to see the beautiful quaint villages and their half timbered houses in Alsace! Try the wonderful local wines. Taste some wonderful Sauerkraut in Alsace -- Mmmm


Take a boat cruise out round the Granite Coast of Brittany with all the colourful and quaint little lighthouses and find some interesting rock formations?�


Meet a silk weaver in Lyon (capital of French gastronomy!!)who does commissions and works for some of the Paris fashion houses -- He can show you how he works!


We can tell you the most romantic places!!Why wait any longer? WE can give you some really WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES IN FRANCE - not just accommodations!!


No cheap package holidays but all customised to suit YOU, and YOUR TIME AND INTERESTS!! In other words quality experiences with professionals!!


Are you too busy trying to surf the net to sort out a holiday vacation?


You aren't sure of distances and where to go?


You have seen so much information and now need to decide? We can help as we have great knowledge and experience in France!


Find out where the artists went. Visit their homes and museums. Find out more about the culture of France and its writers - there is such a lot to explore! Meet the locals as they will be pleased to help and explain.


Maybe visit some of the religious sites? Find out more about the pilgrims going to St Jacques de Compostela or the Camino? Do part of the route?


A Trip of a LIFETIME?


Discover the wines from Dizy and Bouzy? Find a windmill in a vineyard or a little train taking tourists round a vineyard?


Have a picnic in a vineyard with the owners? Go hiking in the Chambery area of Savoie with our guide?


Stay in one of our lovely little cosy hotels with gourmet food? Taste their fine wines! Live the Good Life!


Stroll along the quays of the Seine at night or take a dinner cruise? Champagne by moonlight? Maybe propose? ------- Find the most romantic spots in Paris ---


France Made Easy can help! We can design and customize a tour specifically just for you to suit ou available time and interests and budget for that very special trip.


Contact us and we will be pleased to help. France has SO much to offer and we can help you discover! Roman temples, entrance arches and ruined Roman cities, maybe a Roman aqueduct� -- Why wait any longer? Time to explore with us on your special driving tour - NO LARGE GROUPS IN BUSES!! Just you!


All is customized and designed to suit YOUR interests and the time you have on your holiday vacation so that you get the most out of your trip in your very valuable time.



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